- A -


Add charts

Add symbol

IconLoad Charts
IconFormat Chart


Antivirus programs

API messages

API settings in Trader Workstation

Automated trading

IconTrade a ChaosHunter Model
IconChange Trading Positions

Automated trading stops

- B -

Background programs

Bar size limitations

Bar sizes

IconLoad Charts
IconFormat Chart

Base currency

Bid/Ask data

- C -

Change computers

Change position

Change since yesterday's close

Change symbol

Change trading positions

Changing trading signals

Chaos Input


IconCreate Models in ChaosHunter

ChaosHunter model differences

ChaosHunter Trader


Chart position

Chart specific settings

Chart Toolbar


Clock settings

Close all positions

Close position

IconTrade a ChaosHunter Model
IconChange Trading Positions
IconMaster Control Panel and Chart Toolbar

Configure model

Configure Trader Workstation

Confirm trades

Consensus models

Contact Ward Systems Group

Contract expiration date

Cross pairs

Currency pairs

Currency types

- D -

Data available from InterActive Brokers

Data differences

Data limitations

Data log

Data not displayed in chart

Data Window


Delete log files

Differences in bar data

Disconnect alert

Download data

- E -

End sequence

Error code 162

Error code 420


Export data

- F -

Forced shutoff

Format symbol

- H -

Historical data

IconFormat Chart
IconHistorical Data Limitations
IconData Differences May Affect Results

Historical data pacing delay

Home currency

IconLoad Charts
IconCross Pairs Not in Home Currency

How trading signals are calculated

- I -

IB Account

IB API messages

IB position

Independent models

Indicator inputs

Indicators from other programs

Indicators used in models

Internet connection

Internet disconnect


- L -

Legal warnings


Limitations on number of bars

Link ChaosHunter model

Load charts

Log files

Lost connections

- M -

Majority rule

Manual trading

IconTrade a ChaosHunter Model
IconChange Trading Positions
IconMaster Control Panel and Chart Toolbar

Margin requirements

IconStart Sequence
IconIB Trader Workstation Data Display

Market orders

Master Control Panel

Max Loss


Missing Trades

Model file

Model info

Money Risk Management

Monitor models

Multiple requests for same data

- N -

New chart properties

Next opposite signal

Not enough bars to fire the model

- O -

Operating system updates


Order size

Order types

Order/Trade Log

- P -

Pacing violation

Panel of experts


Position Exit

Position status

Print the manual

- Q -

Quote currency

Quote time

- R -

Real time trading signals

Reload chart data

Reloading data

Remove chart

Remove Model


Reset position

IconTrade a ChaosHunter Model
IconChange Trading Positions
IconMaster Control Panel and Chart Toolbar

Risk Management

- S -

Scanning programs

Select ChaosHunter model

Set new chart properties form

Setup for Trader Workstation

Simple majority

Sound alerts

IconTrading Disruptions

Start date for Chaos Input

Start sequence

Stop programs

Sufficient historical data


- T -

Target Profit

Trade alert

Trader Workstation

IconStart Sequence

Trader Workstation Auto Logoff

Trader Workstation data display

Trader Workstation disconnect

Trades not accepted

Trading hours

Trading information

Trading Setup

Trading signals change

Transfer to another computer

Transferring ChaosHunter models

Trusted IP address in Trader Workstation

Turn off prediction display

- U -

Understanding Trader Workstation

Untraded models

IconTrade a ChaosHunter Model
IconIB Trader Workstation Data Display
IconMonitor a ChaosHunter Model

Update symbol

Updates to profit/loss figures

- V -

Virtual position

Virtual position and signal

- W -

Ward Systems Group

- Z -