End Sequence

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Close All Trades

If you are finished trading for the day, you might want to exit any existing positions before closing the ChaosHunter Trader.  Click on the Close Position button in the Chart Toolbar to exit a single chart, or click on the Close All Positions button in the Master Control Panel to exit positions for all charts.  Charts currently trading will display a green box beside the symbol name of the chart.  Verify that the closing order confirmations appear in the Order/Trade Log in the Trader Workstation Data Display at the bottom of the screen.  Next compare the trade details in the ChaosHunter Trader with those in the IB Trader Workstation to confirm that all trading positions match.


Close Programs

After you confirm that your trading positions match your expectations, first close the ChaosHunter Trader program and then close the IB Trader Workstation.