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The ChaosHunter Trader is a program that works in conjunction with ChaosHunter to obtain data, build trading models, and trade those models in real time through the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation. The ChaosHunter Trader works with stock, futures, or cash (Forex) instruments available from Interactive Brokers.


CHT intro flow chart pic


The process for building models and executing trades in the ChaosHunter Trader works as follows:


Step 1:  Obtain historical data from the IB Trader Workstation by creating a chart in ChaosHunter Trader.

Step 2:  Export data from the ChaosHunter Trader chart as a text file that may be used with ChaosHunter.

Step 3:  Load the data in ChaosHunter, optimize a trading model, and save the model.

Step 4:  Add the ChaosHunter model to the chart in the ChaosHunter Trader.

Step 5:  If active trading is turned on, the chart obtains real time data from the IB Trader Workstation, fires the models, sends trades to the IB Trader Workstation, and returns trade execution details to the ChaosHunter Trader.


The ChaosHunter Trader was not created as a replacement for the IB Trader Workstation, which includes a wide variety of tools for executing trades with Interactive Brokers.


Note:  The ChaosHunter® Trader is an interface to the IB Trader Workstation®, which is a complicated program.  The purpose of the ChaosHunter Trader help file and our tech support is not to teach how the IB Trader Workstation functions. It is a prerequisite for using the ChaosHunter Trader that you are familiar with and understand IB Trader Workstation and Interactive Brokers policies and methods.  Do not attempt to use the ChaosHunter Trader until you have used and become thoroughly familiar with the IB Trader Workstation. It is strongly recommended that you begin trading with an Interactive Brokers paper trading account when you first start trading with the ChaosHunter Trader.