Chaos Input

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If your ChaosHunter model includes the Chaos Input (ChaosVar), it is very important to match the starting date used in both the ChaosHunter model and the ChaosHunter Trader in order to keep the trading signals the same.  When you are creating the chart in ChaosHunter Trader, select a start date rather than an amount of data to download in the Add Chart, Set New Chart Properties form .


The reason the dates must match is that the Chaos Input must be calculated on every bar since the start of the data used to create the model in ChaosHunter and that value must be carried forward for future calculations.


If you start and then stop the ChaosHunter Trader and then load a chart with a model that includes the Chaos Input, you need once again to load data back to the exact starting date that was in place during optimization in ChaosHunter.


If you are not concerned about continuing the chaotic sequence, you can load the chart with a starting date of your choosing.