Create Models in ChaosHunter

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ChaosHunter® is a stand-alone software tool designed to produce readable formulas to model your numeric data for applications such as the following:

Producing buy/sell signals for trading Forex, futures, and stocks
Predicting the future value of time series, including market prices
Modeling scientific data
Modeling business financial or sales data
Predicting the outcome of sports matches

ChaosHunter requires that you enter text files of historical or example data from spreadsheets or data feeds.  You can export Interactive Brokers data from the ChaosHunter Trader that you may use to build ChaosHunter models. Click here for more details.

Once you have data, the next step is to choose arithmetic and other math functions that you want ChaosHunter to use, and it produces numeric formulas that you can read, understand, utilize or even sell outside of ChaosHunter. ChaosHunter functions include neural network and chaotic functions.

Models that create buy/sell signals generated by ChaosHunter formulas may be transferred to the ChaosHunter Trader as a model file, which enables you to trade your models with Interactive Brokers through the ChaosHunter Trader.  All other types of ChaosHunter models cannot be traded in the ChaosHunter Trader.

Click here to visit the ChaosHunter web site.