Indicator Inputs

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In order to trade your ChaosHunter model through the IB Trader Workstation, all of the input data must be obtained from the IB Trader Workstation, i.e.,  price data.  You can then export this data to ChaosHunter in order to create a trading model.


The ChaosHunter Trader will allow any of the Technical Indicators included in ChaosHunter's formula tab to be part of the model because they are computed based on the price data supplied by the IB Trader Workstation.


If you created your ChaosHunter model using indicator values that are calculated outside of ChaosHunter and imported through a text file, you cannot use that model with the ChaosHunter Trader because those outside values will not be available for real time trading in the ChaosHunter Trader.