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An internet connection is required to run both the IB Trader Workstation and the ChaosHunter Trader. The IB Trader Workstation supplies data to the ChaosHunter Trader, so you must start the IB Trader Workstation before starting the ChaosHunter Trader.


IB Trader Workstation

Start the IB Trader Workstation by selecting the Start menu on your computer and then click on programs, and then select IB Trader Workstation.  You may also use the Browser Based IB Trader Workstation which is available from the Interactive Brokers web site: Interactive .  The ChaosHunter Trader does not work with the IB WebTrader or IB Gateway.


In order for the ChaosHunter Trader to communicate with the IB Trader Workstation, you need to verify that several API Settings in the IB Trader Workstation are configured properly as well as insure that your account has enough margin to work with ChaosHunter models that reverse from one position to another.


API Settings

In the IB Trader Workstation, Configuration, select the API tab*.


TWS Global API4


Check the box to enable ActiveX and socket clients.

Set the Trusted IP address to so you do not have to confirm that it is ok to make the connection every time you use the ChaosHunter Trader.


*Screen shot taken from IB Trader Workstation.


Precautions Section

If your ChaosHunter model is built so that it is a reversal, your Interactive Brokers account must include enough margin to "double" the trade.  For example, in order for the ChaosHunter Trader to cover a Short position and enter a Long position, the program needs to enter a Long position with twice the number of shares/contracts, half to cover the Short and half to enter the Long position.  If the ChaosHunter model does not do a reversal, it will separate these actions into two separate transactions and the extra margin will not be needed.


You need to make any necessary changes in the Precautions Section of the IB Trader Workstation, global settings.  Enter the correct margin amount in the box.


ChaosHunter Trader

Start the ChaosHunter Trader by selecting the Start menu on your computer and then click on programs, and then select ChaosHunter Trader.


Make sure the task bar at the lower left hand corner of the ChaosHunter Trader says it is connected to IB Trader Workstation (TWS).


Connected to TWS7


Clock Settings

The ChaosHunter Trader displays the "Quote Time" on a chart based on data sent from the IB Trader Workstation.  The times displayed in the Trader Workstation Data Display logs (located below a chart in the ChaosHunter Trader) come from your computer's clock.  You should update your computer's clock to internet time at least once a day.


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