Change Trading Positions

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There are two buttons in the Chart Toolbar that allow you to manually change a position on the currently displayed chart:


Close Position

1.  Sends a signal to the IB Trader Workstation to exit the current chart position

2.  After a trade confirmation comes back from the Trader Workstation, the chart returns to a neutral position.  The trade confirmation is posted into the Order/Trade Log. For example, if the chart is long 100 shares, clicking on the Close Position button will send an immediate market order to the  IB Trader Workstation to sell 100 shares.  Even if the chart is running a reversal model, clicking on the Close position will NOT cause the IB Trader Workstation to sell an additional 100 shares in order to enter a short position, which would normally occur when trading a reversal model.


Reset Position

1.  No signal is sent to the IB Trader Workstation  

2.  Resets the chart running in the ChaosHunter Trader to a neutral position. The Reset Position button is useful if you previously exited a position in the IB Trader Workstation and want to return the chart in the ChaosHunter Trader to a neutral position.  The Reset Position button lets you manually synchronize ChaosHunter Trader with the Trader Workstation's neutral position.


Clicking on either the Close Position or Reset Position button turns off Automated Trading.   You must click on the Automated Trading button in either the Master Control Panel or the Chart Toolbar to restart active trading.  Future trading signals will be generated based on the chart not owning any shares.


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