What is ChaosHunter

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ChaosHunter™ is a software system designed to produce equations to help understand and model data. ChaosHunter™ was not designed to conform to anyone’s mathematical definition of chaos theory or chaotic equations. However, it does attempt to create a mathematical definition of numeric data that lack any apparent order. It can be used to model many types of systems, including multivariate, nonlinear, dynamical systems, even those that seem to demonstrate dynamical instability, or an inherent lack of predictability.


ChaosHunter™ is especially useful for finding relationships in market data, including historical data for stocks, Forex, options, and futures where traditional methods of modeling have failed. The models thus obtained can be coded or inserted into many available trading platforms ChaosHunter™ is supplied with pre-built interfaces for NeuroShell® Trader.


NeuroShell® Trader is a registered trademark of Ward Systems Group®, Inc.


ChaosHunter compared to existing advanced modeling techniques