Undefined Output

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The ChaosHunter output is not always defined, i.e., an output is not always produced. This can happen in several ways, for example, when the formula divides by zero. Such an output will show up in ChaosHunter as an asterisk (*). When this happens you can consider the result as "undetermined" or "unpredictable".

When you are producing buy/sell signals and the output is undefined, some unusual conditions can appear, which you should interpret as a signal to you that the trading is not proceeding normally, and caution may be in order. They include:

1. The equity curve will show as a flat, constant line during periods when the output is undetermined. The last equity value is simply continued until a new equity value is computed when the output is no longer undetermined.

2. If a trading signal is given but the output is not determined on the next bar where the fill would normally occur, no fill will occur until the output is again determined.

3. Undetermined outputs in NeuroShell Trader will simply show up as missing instead of an asterisk.

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