SkipMissingInputData Property

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value = object.SkipMissingInputData




object.SkipMissingInputData = value






A variant type variable in the user program which receives or sets a flag used by ChaosHunter Runtime Server when input data contain missing values. Value=0 or 1.


The name of an object (or an object expression) that evaluates to an object of ChaosHunter_Runtime.DLL class.


The SkipMissingInputData property affects how the Predict method treats rows with missing data in them. The SkipMissingInputData property is equivalent to a selector on the ChaosHunter Inputs tab (Input/output selection and model building settings window).


SkipMissingInputData=1 (default): any input row that contains the MissingValue constant is skipped. The formula outcome on such a row is set to MissingValue.


SkipMissingInputData=0: missing input values are replaced with averages in corresponding input columns. On certain (and rare) sparse datasets there may be not enough data to provide complete rows with no gaps. Setting SkipMissingInputData=0 will produce some formula output. However, such formula predictions are not as reliable because they are produced from averaged data.