Programming Examples

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If you are a programmer and want to implement a ChaosHunter model in your program, you can examine sample implementations is a variety of programming languages that are included with ChaosHunter.  They are stored in the c:\ChaosHunter\Runtime\Programming Examples subdirectory if you installed ChaosHunter in the default directory.


Trading Examples

ChaosHunter models may be implemented in a number of trading software platforms that support programming language interfaces, such as TradeStation's EasyLanguage.  There is also a ChaosHunter formula converter available for TradeStation. Click here for details.


In addition to TradeStation, ChaosHunter works with other trading platforms.  Our tech support web site,, in the New and Updated Examples section, provides functions and tips for inserting ChaosHunter models in other popular platforms.  Check the web site periodically to view updates for function updates and additional trading platforms.


If your favorite platform is not on, the functions list in Chapter 9 includes references with definitions for our functions and indicators . They will be helpful for coding the formulas in other platforms.