NeuroShell Trader

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NeuroShell Trader provides many powerful features and options that you won't find in other trading software.


Works with stocks, FX currencies (FOREX), futures, commodities, mutual funds, bonds, and other financial instruments on U.S., Canadian, European, Asian, South/Latin American, and African markets.


Create trading systems with traditional indicators and rules combined with state of the art genetic optimization and neural network predictions that give you an edge in today's markets.


Save time by creating trading systems and predictive models for multiple instruments in one pass.


Perform cross market analysis by combining data from indexes and other instruments into one system.


Mix different timeframes in a single trading system for more robust models.


Distribute optimization across multiple cores and networked computers for faster system development.


Take your market timing to the next level with advanced add-on indicators like John Ehler's MESA 91.

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NeuroShell Trader® is a registered trademark of Ward Systems Group, Inc.