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Open file icon

Open file icon allows you to select a data file on your computer.

Open model icon

Open model icon allows you to open a previously saved model.

Save model icon

Save model icon allows you to save a model for later use.

Datagrid icon

Show datagrid icon allows you to view a data file once you've opened it.

Inputs Outputs icon 2

Select inputs/outputs and set building parameters icon opens the screen that lets you customize the formula.

Optimization icon2

Start optimizing model icon begins the process of finding a formula.

Apply icon2

Apply model icon processes the data file you select using the formula created by the model.  The results are displayed both as a data file and a graph.

Save inputs outputs icon

Save inputs, actuals, and predictions on disk icon creates a data file that may be read in a word processing or spreadsheet program.

Print icon

Print model predictions icon writes out a file to a printer that includes general statistics on how well the model trained as well as the actual and predicted values by row number.

Help icon

Help icon displays the ChaosHunter help file.