Loading into Excel

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The first time you want to use the ChaosHunter Runtime Add-In (ChaosHunter_Runtime.xla), you need to load the Add-In into Excel.



Loading the ChaosHunter_Runtime.xla:


Open Microsoft Excel.

Excel 97 - Excel 2003: select the Tools Menu, Add-Ins option.

Excel 2007: click on the Office button -> click on the Excel Options button -> select the Add-Ins tab -> click on the Go button.

A list box of add-ins is displayed.

Click on the Browse button to locate the file ChaosHunter_Runtime.xla.  If you installed the ChaosHunter in the default directory, the file is located in the C:\ChaosHunter directory.

Select ChaosHunter_Runtime.xla.

When ChaosHunter_Runtime.xla is displayed on the list, click on the checkbox to load the Add-In into Excel.


To use the Add-In:

Excel 97 - Excel 2003: select the Excel Tools Menu, ChaosHunter Runtime option.

Excel 2007: select the Excel Add-Ins menu, ChaosHunter Runtime option.