ChaosHunter Runtime Server Overview

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ChaosHunter Runtime Server is a collection of libraries and utilities that allow you to run your models created by the ChaosHunter. Using the runtime facilities, you can apply these models without using the ChaosHunter program. These facilities allow you to fire models from your own computer programs or from Excel spreadsheets.


The following components available in the ChaosHunter Runtime Server:


Component Name

Component file

Distribution rights

To be used with…


ChaosHunter Runtime COM DLL



Any programming language which allows  COM Automation calls


ChaosHunter Runtime Excel Add-In



Microsoft Excel




Although COM DLL is compatible with many of the programming languages available, we strongly recommend that you use Visual Basic for you applications, since it can do so much for you.


The component(s) labeled above as distributable may be sold or otherwise distributed outside of your company or government agency as part of your computer programs or Excel spreadsheets. Those who you distribute to, however, MAY NOT use the distributable components for any purpose other than to run the application you have provided to them.


The documentation for ChaosHunter Runtime Server assumes that you are already familiar with the main ChaosHunter program.



Program Installation

Whether you are distributing within your own company or selling it outside of your company, you will need some sort of install program to install the software on the end users machine. There are several DLLs that must be installed and registered with the programs themselves. These DLLs are required even if you are distributing the Excel Add-In.  In addition, you will have one or more model files that must be installed. There are several good installation programs available. If you program with Visual Basic, the Application Setup Wizard can be used. You might also purchase commercial application software such as InstallShield.


The following DLLs must be installed and registered by the installation program:

1.  ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll (*)



As far as the ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll is built with Visual Basic 6, there are also several Windows DLLs that will be required by the ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll. Your install program should distribute these as well. Our own ChaosHunter Runtime install program will have placed these DLLs into your \Windows\System32 directory (Winnt\System32 in the case of Windows 2000).


Your install program must be told to include the following Microsoft files when your program is distributed:

1.  MSVBVM60.DLL (*)


3.  COMAUT32.DLL (*)

4.  COMPRO32.DLL (*)

5.  COMCAT.DLL (*)



* - require registration on the destination computer.


Note. If you use commercial installation software such as InstallShield to create your application setups, all these files will most likely be included automatically in the setup upon static/dynamic scan of the underlying application project. As a precaution, you may want to include the Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine merge module into your installation project.


The ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll requires registration in the system registry. Some of the above mentioned files also need registration if they are installed for the first time on the destination computer. These are marked by an asterisk (*).


These files should be placed in the user's \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or \WINNT\SYSTEM32 in the case of Windows 2000) directory.


If your installation program fails to register ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll in the computer's operating system, you can use Windows system utility called REGSVR32.EXE to register the DLL.  Call the program with the Run command from your operating system.  To do this, select the Start button, the Run option, then type in the following command to register the ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll, for example:


REGSVR32.EXE ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll