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The following information includes detailed instructions on using ChaosHunter Runtime COM DLL (ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll), which may be distributed to users who do not own the software.


Use the ChaosHunter Runtime Server COM DLL to embed the firing of your models into your own programs. Any programming language that can use COM DLLs should work. In your program you simply create an object out of a class called "ChaosHunter_Runtime.DLL". The object has a number of properties and methods which allows you to open a model from a file and fire that model passing the models inputs. The call returns the model's output, which you may use as needed inside your program. A different object is required for each model you want to load and fire. The class "ChaosHunter_Runtime.DLL" is available only after proper registration of the ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll. Your application installation program should take care of registration of ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll.


The ChaosHunter package contains two working programming examples complete with source code, executables, and example models. The examples are written with VB6 and VB.NET 2008 Express. The examples are found in the ChaosHunter\Runtime\Programming Examples folder.


In order to use ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll from within your programs, you must be a programmer who is capable of using COM facilities of your programming language. It is beyond the scope of this documentation or our Technical Support group to teach you how to build, access, and work with COM objects.


There are two methods available in the "ChaosHunter_Runtime.DLL" class:


OpenModel Method

This is the first method the programmer should use to initialize the appropriate model to be fired.  After the OpenModel method is used, there are a number of properties that are set which the programmer should examine. These properties reveal information about the number of inputs, outputs, formula, etc.


Predict Method

The second method is Predict, which is actually used to fire the model.



List of Methods and Properties


Class name:                "ChaosHunter_Runtime.DLL"

Class location:                ChaosHunter_Runtime.dll







BuyThreshold (r/w)

Commission (r/w)

Formula (r)

InNames (r)

IsTradingStrategy (r)

IsTrueReversal (r)

MissingValue (r)

NumInputs (r)

OutName (r)

SellThreshold (r/w)

Shares (r/w)

SkipMissingInputData (r/w)