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- A -

adjust general models

AllowedTradingPositions Property

anti-virus programs

apply runner-up formulas

apply the model

Applying models with the ChaosVar

- B -

building trading models

building trading models that last

buy/sell cutoff

buy/sell signals

buy/sell threshold

buy/sell true/false

BuyThreshold Property

- C -

change models

Changes from Release 1 to 2

Changes from Release 2 to 2.1

chaos input

IconFormula Parameters and Chaos Input
IconApplying Models with the Chaos Input
IconAdjusting General Models

ChaosHunter and other modeling techniques

ChaosHunter and other trading platforms

ChaosHunter indicators

ChaosHunter models in other trading platforms

ChaosHunter models in TradeStation

ChaosHunter Runtime Add-In FireModel function

ChaosHunter Runtime DLL Overview

ChaosHunter Runtime Excel Add-In Dialog Box

ChaosHunter Runtime Excel Add-In Overview

ChaosHunter Runtime Server Overview


chaotic example

chemical reactor example



clients menu

clients not talking to ChaosHunter

clipboard formula

IconModel info
IconModel info

coding monotonic inputs

Commission Property


communication ports

computation time

constant range

IconFormula Parameters and Chaos Input
IconAdjusting General Models

copy formula to clipboard

IconModel info
IconModel info

Create a new formula in editor

create the formula

- D -

data downloader

data files

data preprocessing

date time flag

date time numbering apply

date time numbering on X axis

decimal display settings

decimal precision in TradeStation models

definitions of trading statistics

differences in results from Rel. 1.1 to Rel. 2

different results in ChaosHunter and NeuroShell Trader

Discover Formulas


display settings

IconDecimal Display Settings
IconChaosHunter with TradeStation

distributed processing

division by zero

- E -

Edit a formula

Edit existing formula


equity curve

evolution strategies

Examples for programmers


Exclusive Or example

exponential moving average

exporting data from NeuroShell Trader

- F -

file extensions used in ChaosHunter

file names

file specifications

financial data

Find Inputs



IconCreate the Formula
IconModel info
IconModel info

formula converter for TradeStation

Formula Discovery

Formula Editor

formula parameters

Formula Property

frequently asked questions


- G -

goal functions

graphic data selection

graphic display during optimization

graphically select data ranges

- H -

historical quotes downloader

horse racing

how does optimization work

- I -


improve models


InNames Property

Input Discovery

internet connection

ISTradingStrategy Property

IsTrueReversal Property

- L -

Loading templates

logical operations

- M -

mathematical explanation of ChaosHunter

max constants

max equation size

IconFormula Parameters and Chaos Input
IconAdjusting General Models

max lookback period

IconFormula Parameters and Chaos Input
IconAdjusting General Models

max same symbols

IconFormula Parameters and Chaos Input
IconAdjusting General Models

maximize % same sign

maximize correlation

maximize number within tolerance

maximize R-squared

Maximize same sign

menu icons

minimize mean squared error

missing data

IconData Preprocessing
IconSelect Inputs and an Output

missing value

MissingValue Property

model information

IconModel info
IconModel info

multiple copies of ChaosHunter

- N -

network problems

network version

neural network example

NeuroShell Trader

IconExample 5 - Running ChaosHunter Models in NeuroShell Trader
IconNeuroShell Trader

NeuroShell Trader and ChaosHunter

normalizing data

numeric operations

NumInputs Property

- O -

Open data files

Open model files

OpenNet Method


IconAdjusting General Models


IconOptimization Description
IconEvolution Strategies

optimization goal functions

IconOptimization Goal Functions
IconAdjusting General Models

optimization graph

Optimization templates

optimize multiple problems

option for scaling data

Out of Sample Results

OutName Property

out-of-sample testing during optimization

output zero rather than missing value

outputs for trading models

- P -

pairs trading

password protection

polynomial example


Predict Method


price data

Print formula

Problem Types

problems with networks

Programming examples

Prototype a formula

- Q -


quotes downloader

- R -

random number

remote computers


IconOptimization Goal Functions
IconBuilding Trading Models

runner-up formula

running models in NeuroShell Trader

- S -

Saving templates

scaling data

IconData Preprocessing
IconSelect Inputs and an Output

scaling inputs and outputs

scaling technical indicators and time series

select data by row number

select data on a graph

select data on graph

Select date time for trading models

select different formulas

select input columns

select output column

SellThreshold Property


setting thresholds


SkipMIssingInputData Property


small differences in results

sort results

sports predictions

Steve Ward tips on trading models

Steve Ward Trading Models templates

stopping criteria

swarm optimization

system requirements

- T -

team sports models

technical indicators

IconBuilding Trading Models
IconTechnical Indicators in Other Trading Platforms

technical indicators created in ChaosHunter

technical indicators created in NeuroShell Trader

technical references


test different formulas

Test Set Graph

threshold range

time flag


TradeStation and ChaosHunter models

TradeStation formula converter


trading models

trading models by Steve Ward

trading models that last

trading platforms

trading platforms use of ChaosHunter models

trading software

trading strategy statistics

training data

tree view

IconModel info
IconModel info

troubleshooting network problems

true reversal

IconOptimization Goal Functions
IconBuilding Trading Models


- U -

undefined output

- V -

view test results during optimization

- W -

Ward Systems Group

what is ChaosHunter

Why edit a formula

Windows firewall

Windows version

WSG Locator

- Z -

zero flag

zip codes as inputs