Changes from Release 2.4 to 3.0

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1.  Added a display of out-of-sample testing results during optimization.


2.  Added the ability to save optimization settings in template files with a .CHTPL extension in order to save time creating new models.


3.  Added the ability to set the number of clients (cores) used during optimization.  The number of clients can be specified for networked computers as well.  The number of clients may be set in the Clients Menu in the  Remote Settings section.


4.  Added the capability of setting the process priority for the ChaosHunter server and its clients.  This option is also available in the Clients Menu in the Remote Settings section.  


5.  Added a utility program called  the "Historical Quotes Downloader" that gets end-of-data historical market data from Yahoo, Google, and QuoteMedia.  The data may be saved in either ChaosHunter .BIN format or in NeuroShell Trader .WSG format.  The utility can be invoked directly from the ChaosHunter Tools menu.


6.  Added the capability for ChaosHunter to read NeuroShell Trader's .WSG files directly, which means that the data does not have to be exported from the Trader as a text file.


7.  Added two programming examples with complete source code to execute CH models in Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express and in Borland Delphi 6.0.