Changes from Release 2.3 to 2.4

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1. This release fixed a bug that occurred when ChaosHunter was running on computers with 8 or more cores.

2.  Added a feature to silently (automatically) save a temp model file during optimization whenever a better formula is found.  The temp model file has an extension .md$.  This insures that there is a saved "best so far" model file on disk after many hours of optimization if anything happens to ChaosHunter or the user's computer and the user has no option to save the final ChaosHunter model.

3.  Fixed RT9 when clicking the Apply Model button while a previous Apply Model action was not yet complete (a function re-entry problem).  This may occur on datasets with a large number of rows (100,000+).  The problem was fixed by disabling the Apply Model button during Predict function processing.


4.  We have created a formula converter that translates a formula stored in a ChaosHunter (CH) model file into a snippet of TradeStation EasyLanguage (TS EL) code. The necessity of the converter stems from the fact that in most cases CH formulas are not directly transferable into TS EL and require certain translations after the formula is pasted into the TS EL editor. The converter is programmed to properly translate all ChaosHunter formula's operators (including conditional and Boolean operators), technical indicators, input and output scaling, chaos input, as well as trading signals.  To obtain the converter, go to, New and Updated Examples